Apple - iPhone 3GS 32GB
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05 Sep, 2009
Dear bilal market mein 3GS nai hai 40 ka bhi...apko lagta hai iphone ka nai pata...price of 16 gb is 63k and price of 32gb is 75k.. no 3gs is less than 50k either used or new...don't spoil this thread :)
04 Sep, 2009
Bilal sb...agar koi banda 3GS apko market mein 30s ki range me de raha kindly do inform me about the shop name...apki is post se saaf pata chalta hai ke apko market ka pata hi nai...wake up bro..3GS ki baat ho rahi hai..3G ki nai...
02 Sep, 2009
Can anybody confirm that if we buy an iPhone 3GS from hafeez centre , Will that be brand new unlocked device or will it be available after unlocking done by Hafeez Centre???
30 Aug, 2009
don't go for Rs3000 iphone's totaly free..use redsnow to jailbreak the iphone and use ultrasnow from cydia to unlock...visit iphoneheat for mor's totally free :) enjoy
30 Aug, 2009
Are bhai khan sb hain na is liye aisi batein kar sakte hain... :). Khan sb keep it up !
29 Aug, 2009
Khan sahib if you find a 3GS in 40000/- do tell me! stop dreaming........
23 Aug, 2009
dnt tell me ull be leavn ure frnd for just an iphone...strange !!
Usman Rana
18 Aug, 2009
I have been using Iphone 3gs for last one month, no such issue found in it, no battery or heat up issue...Go for of the best phone in the worls :)
07 Aug, 2009
Man this phone is good but it much expensive if you compare its functionality with price so i say wait for some time as this phone will soon be launched in Pakistan and will be pretty cheap so get your fingers crossed. and dont buy this from any paki guy and if you have any relative out in usa ask him to arrange one for you and you will be end up very cheap.
06 Aug, 2009
@ valeed......could u plz tell me that from where hv u purchased ur phone? I m also planning to buy it available at apple or at&t store? N from where in usa one can buy factory unlock 3gs 32gb? Thanks.....!
06 Aug, 2009
i have just bought it from Newyork for $ 600.. i love it.. its really Wonderfull
04 Aug, 2009
hey guys international markit main price kam hui hai iphone 3gs ki new lene main jald bazi nahi karna
02 Aug, 2009
I have iphone 3gs 32gb, locked to o2 network. If anyone of you is interested then let me know. Its completedly boxed. I can sell it for 70000.
01 Aug, 2009
it is far much beter den samsung u have just used n simple iphone use an fully upgraded iphone den say which is beter.iphone have far more software den any mob.n when u want 2 buy iphone dont buy a new buy used becuz its cheap
23 Jul, 2009
The ignorance,and the foolishness doesn't stop! This phone DOES cost $800. If you heard from someone in US that it costs $200, thats because it costs that much with a 2-YEAR contract from AT&T. The thing is, if you don't know NOTHING about phones and like to keep this phone as a trophy, fine. Just don't give stupid justifications for its price. This phone still can't do many things the Samsung STAR can do at one-fifth the price. So quit it.
23 Jul, 2009
=o this phone is awsmm, its certainly much much better than the older version n to certain critisizers this phone is suppose to be for ppl in the USA its not apples fault if ur ended up buying there fully unlocked product for 800$ dollars or somthn, the fone is suppose to be for 200$
22 Jul, 2009
Guys dont go for this phone i know its beautiful and have sum features but it is way to expensive as there is no type of warranty gor it i had bought with warranty but when had some issues they refuse to repair or replace so as any of ur relative out in uk or usa to get this phone for u as this is way cheaper then u think and we pakisatani are fooled byu bunch of few guys who import this thing.
20 Jul, 2009
"It is worth every penny if it is factory unlocked. Don't go for 3g or 2g. It has got twice the RAM and DVD Video recording, Voice Recognition chip built in, 3Mega Pixel AutoFocus Camera, Video Editing and Campass. Not to mention PUSH Notification which will only work if you have factory unlocked phone. " LOL, LOL, ROFL. Wow, what amazing features! TOtally worth 83k Rupees!!! No, wait, I want to pay 100k for those features, so PLEASE APPLE, accept my cheque!!! These features are not available in ANY other phone on the planet! Great Pakistanis, falling for the hype, paying twice the money for this phone, and still happy about it. It goes to prove that we know NOTHING about smartphones, we don't USE them, just keep them as a way to show off. What a pathetic bunch we are. Apple deserves all the money it can get because people who are so easily fooled don't deserve better products.
16 Jul, 2009
It is worth every penny if it is factory unlocked. Don't go for 3g or 2g. It has got twice the RAM and DVD Video recording, Voice Recognition chip built in, 3Mega Pixel AutoFocus Camera, Video Editing and Campass. Not to mention PUSH Notification which will only work if you have factory unlocked phone. At this price if it is unlocked by ultrasnow then don't buy.
15 Jul, 2009
well jin logo ne isko use nai kia wahi yeh bol rahi hein dere is vast differ btwenn 2g and 3gs.and even 3g is not da same as 3gs...ppl only knw dat dere is only camera differ in this guys in dis set u can surf net more faster dan 2g and 3g application loads much faster dan 3g and ave more battery backup dan 3g and ave more colour ratio dan 3g and 2g...dere is new 3d graffic accelator in ave more bright lcd dan 3g and application and games are available for 3gs dan 3g and 2g...and one more thing guys dis set charge up more quickly dan 3g and 2g...m using dis set .. i bought it frm m using in karachi...its gud hea ..m using wifi hea and srsly i ave 3g 3gs load pages quickly n more easily dan 3g and in pakistani price is high for dis set bt in a month or soo it will b around 68k aur 70k
15 Jul, 2009
hi I m already using 2G and this 3GS doesnt worth Rs 83000 for just minor changes...
15 Jul, 2009
Not worth the money AT ALL!!! Get a 2g iPhone, used if you may for 26-27K MAX for a near perfect condition and I can assure you you wont me disappointed. Except for the camera you wont be able to notice the diff in functionality here!
15 Jul, 2009
Dream Machine but wayyy expensive.
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